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As I think back over this past week,  there’s been a lip-theme swirling around me. Naturally, I must tell you about it in case it’s helpful to You.

Two friends have messaged me this week about lips.

One was about to have a first-time lip enhancement and wanted to go through expectations and pros + cons.  I have some experience with this and am happy to report she made it through her first experience loving the results immediately.  Lip injections have come a long, lonnng way.  But, more about that in another blog. . .

The other sent an email simply asking about products that would be helpful with plumping her diminishing lip line.

So today l’ll address a product that has worked beautifully in conjunction with injections, as well as being a fabulous stand-alone way to deal with lips that begin to lose their volume.

Skin Medica’s HA5 Smooth + Plump Lip System is the only treatment product I’m using on my lips these days.  It’s a 2-part system that does exactly what it says:

Step 1 is applied around the edges of your lip line to smooth out the fine lines that begin to appear there.

Step 2 is applied to the whole of the lip; it plumps without a tingly feeling or weird after-taste; but it also leaves the most glorious shine that’s amazingly long-wearing.  At the moment, I’m really enjoying wearing it sans color.  However, it can absolutely be layered with your favorite lipstick.

Skin Medica: people in the know are using it.  You can find this phenomenal line at doctors’ offices.  I get mine from my favorite injector, Dr. Jason Hehr, of Hehr Aesthetics. Allergan, you’ve hit another home run with this can’t-do-without lip product by Skin Medica!


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