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Pamela Lesch’s blog, Prime Time Pretty, is the marriage of her life’s great loves: writing and all things beauty-related. With a Bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Teaching (English), Pamela has found her voice in the realm of publishing and considers herself a beauty storyteller.

Pamela believes that every face, every product, every procedure has a story behind it. She gets immense joy from doing the research and then sharing that story.

Pamela suffers great wanderlust, which adds an intriguing travel aspect to her blog. Although she loves to visit new places, Pamela feels incredibly lucky to live in Charleston, SC, a place she adores coming home to.

When she first began her blog, Pamela thought she’d gear it toward women over 40. However, in the years since, she’s realized that every age is Prime Time, and every woman desires to be her own brand of Pretty.

No matter your age or style, there’s something in Prime Time Pretty for you.


Jug o’sunshine: Switchel

Jug o’sunshine: Switchel

File this one under "Potions" or "Concoctions."  Maybe even "Mixology." I'm looking to change things up a bit in my daily habits.  At the top of my list is drinking more water and staying hydrated in every area of life.  Drinking lots of water is good for the insides,...

Mailboxes of Arizona

Mailboxes of Arizona

Who doesn't love getting a handwritten letter in the mail?  Every time I check my mailbox, I'm hopeful there will be some original, authentic piece in the box.  To me, an envelope with someone's penmanship is the hallmark of "I care."  Perhaps because I delight in...

22 Years Ago: A Birth Story

22 Years Ago: A Birth Story

February 10, 1995, we were living, working, and going to school in Baltimore, Maryland. It was my last day at work before beginning maternity leave with child #2. We didn’t find out gender with either of our sons in utero, so we had the fun and mystery awaiting us:...




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