Mature Makeup Artist. Licensed Aesthetician.

Catering to Women over 50, Moms, Aunts, and Grandmothers.

Special Events


Are you getting ready to walk down the aisle? Services include skin care consultation and makeup application for the bride and bridal party, including mothers, to make sure you look and feel your best on your big day.



Makeup and grooming services are provided to actors and models for film and print media. Media pundits, experts, politicians and personalities have unique on-air grooming needs, as do corporate officers making personal appearances or being photographed or filmed.


When you need to look your best for the camera, makeup and grooming services are available to ensure you’re ready for your close-up.


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Prime Time Pretty, is the marriage of two of my life’s loves: writing and the beauty industry.



Pamela Lesch Makeup

Catering to the discerning Mother-of-the-Event. Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, Grandmothers.

After many years of providing makeup services to countless brides and bridesmaids, I now turn my focus to MOTHERS.

Moms’ skincare and makeup needs are quite different from that of their daughters’. As a 50+ woman, I understand the hormonal shifts that uniquely affect our beauty needs. Let’s begin the journey to get your skin in top shape so that your makeup looks beautiful.

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Red Lippy Hippy

Red Lippy Hippy

I’m quite comfortable with a red lip. It’s a Mama-thing because she used to wear red lipstick. One of my earliest memories is standing in her lap, swiping her red lipstick from her lips and pressing it onto my own tiny lips. My first red lipstick purchase was a...

Dear 11-year old Pamela,

Dear 11-year old Pamela,

Dear 11-year old Pamela: I am You at 56, with some experience under our belt.  Can you even imagine 45 years from now? Well, it's going to come quickly. There are some things I've learned that you need to know at your core: Everything is going to work out in your...

Lost Treasures, Found

Lost Treasures, Found

Starting off a new year, clearing out attic accumulations, and I struck familial gold. One small strip of film negatives, and the usual, holding it up to the light, hoping for recognition of something or someone. Then the flood of childhood memories came to me....

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