I pride myself on the company I keep. People who are not only good at their core, but are intelligent, kind, experts in their field, and positive in their outlook.

Meet Karen. She has been in my orbit for nearly 20 years.  She is a friend I initially made because our daughters were in the same dance class. But she turned into the most decadent kind of friend because of our common interests, our shared Georgia peach-ness, and an appreciation of gentile Southern loveliness. We both have two sons and a baby-girl. We both love the ever-evolving beauty industry. Karen raises the bar on the Divine Feminine.

We’ve shared more laughs, dance TikToks, and makeup than should be allowed. We both feel there’s nothing that can’t be figured out over Senor Tequila salsa, chips, and sweet tea. In case you have not yet gleaned, Karen is someone whom 8th-grade-Pamela would have been friends with. That kind of friend is hard to find in adult-life.

She is an artist in her work, but the real beauty she creates comes from a sincere care for her clients. She approaches each one with a unique eye and a vision she has for their best features. It’s really something to watch her work. When I first began my makeup business, I needed headshots for my cards. Karen styled me from head to toe. . . makeup, hair, dress, jewelry, shoes. She even took the photographs and navigated a Sullivans Island marsh sunset to get what she wanted. Karen knows beauty. It’s been her lifelong industry, and I consider her an expert and mentor.

She’s one of my most ardent prayer warriors. You’ve not heard a more heart-felt prayer than what comes from Karen. She’s taught me how to pray over my children, husband and home. And if you’re reading this now and you’re in my life and have ever had a need for prayer, I can guarantee you she has used me as a conduit to lift You.

So today, July 11th, I wish her the happiest of birthdays. Kay-Kay, may we always dance (even at stop lights with our to-go sweet teas), may we always uphold the adoration of Toby Keith, may we always support each other.  And may we continue to search for the real beauty in this life: Love.

Happy Birthday, dear Karen. I love you,



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