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I’ve either had a stroke of genius, or I’ve wasted two awesome, pricey products by combining them.  I’m going to hope for the first.  Even if I have to eat the cost on this, both products are only half-full and I can justify the expense in order to conduct this experiment.

I have this wonderful tube of DiorShow Blackout mascara.  It’s one of my favorites, ever, but it’s super-thick.  My bottle of Latisse just happened to be nearby when it occurred to me to pour the Latisse into the mascara.  Instead of wearing the Latisse only at night (which gives me dry-eye), I could thin the mascara out a bit and get the long-wearing effects of having it on throughout the day.  I’ve been doing this for about a week, and so far, no dry-eye.

Only time will tell. . . several weeks to be exact.  But stay tuned. . . results to follow!


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