She Who Prays, Golden Girl

I was not expecting what I received,

She Who Prays, prayed over me.

Turned me to Gold.

With potions and notions, of strength and self-healing.

Soft, posh surroundings

Beautifully dimmed lights.

Delicate touch,

I didn’t realize I needed so much.

Coccooned. Cleansed. Exfoliated. Massaged.

Oxygenated in a glass bubble.

Serumed. Hydrated. Asleep, purring.

Softly awakened.

Skin renewed.

Skin a-new.

Face a new year.

A spiritual experience

Unlike any other facial.


From my head and heart:

Make this investment.

Choose the TWO-hour version.

Renew your epidermis.

Begin again.

Let Ella Ora lay her golden hands on You.

Kristin VanGuilder, I’m so proud of you. Elated for you.  You are precisely where you are supposed to be, doing what you’re meant to do.  Your passion, your vision, your love.  xo, P

Ella Ora Skin Therapy Clinic

724 S. Shelmore Blvd., Suite 10

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


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