Birds.  United Kingdom slang for “young women.”  I’d like to add “sassy, quick-witted, and cheeky” to round out that definition.

Last year, I had the lovely good fortune to work with this group of women who were in Charleston celebrating the marriage of their friend Tanya, the bride.  These ladies were all birds.  Simply the coolest, funny, most fun-loving group I’ve been around in a long while.  From keeping the bride laughing the entire day, to making prank calls on the bell or blower, to showing off a Louboutin stiletto lipstick, spending the afternoon with this group was a hoot!  Thank you, Hyer Images, for some fabulous photos:

Bride Tanya, checking out her overall fabulosity.

The Reveal is always fun!

Ruth: “allo?”

Joking. . . 😉

Is it a lipstick or a weapon? It’s a work of art!

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