2017 blew in with so many possibilities, guided by my two mantras for the new year: Consistent + Diversify.

It was important for me to begin 2017 with not one, but two guiding words that would set the tone for the next twelve months.  My work is to fill these days with meaningful interactions and notching up my business. Sprinkle in some artistry, some education + networking, and Voila! Those are the makings of a beautiful, blessed life for me.

As much as I love what I do, in 2016 I felt something was missing.

The missing piece, as much as I turned away from it the first several years of my freelance career, was selling product.  I was just so happy to do the research; to go purchase products at another retailer then make suggestions to my clientele.  And they’d take that recommendation and go buy an item, no questions asked. Honestly, I feel that’s a lot of influence to have over consumer spending.  So, in the back of my mind I always wished for something that I could put my seal of approval on and offer my clients while picking up a little profit. This year, I found it.

If you know me, you know that I’m very selective; persnickety even.  My good name and reputation is my bottom line. My ethics, my good standing and love for my community, and keeping my clients’ best interest at heart: those qualities are my livelihood.

Enter Julia Dalton-Brush: Superstar, Rock Star, Giant Heart.  She’s a lead makeup artist for NBC Universal.  She has access to every line of makeup known to our field.  When I saw that she became involved with Limelight, that was my catalyst.  So, I reached out.  I knew I had a trip to NYC coming up (this past January).  And she agreed to meet me to discuss this fabulous opportunity.  Not to try to reel me in or talk me in to anything. . . just to share how it’s been for her (fabulous!!!).  The cherry on the top: Lyndsay Simon. Another “makeup sister” who already had my utmost respect for her artistry.  Add to that, her immense business acumen.  We’re talking Power Houses.  These ladies are a couple of the people I aspire to learn from, hang with, and elevate to.  And Limelight is full of these people!

And here’s the scoop on Limelight by Alcone , my first 2017 diversification:

Alcone is a decades-old clearinghouse that supplies working makeup artists in every facet of the industry.  Film, TV, print, special effects; you name it.  They supplied some of the products that I was already carrying in my kit. Well, someone there had the brilliant idea to (beautifully) repackage several of those products so we MUAs could sell them to our clients.  The same professional products we used because of their pigment, durability, longevity, and workhorse value.  For me, not only is the product standard one I can get behind, but the packaging is amaaaaazing.  It’s like opening an Apple product.  This aesthetic is so pleasing to my discerning eye.  It’s clean, streamlined, and beautiful.  I’m just so excited and so grateful for the myriad possibilities that being affiliated with this line is affording me.  And that begins and ends with the corporate climate and the artists associated with it.  It’s a climate of camaraderie and sharing that I relish in.  I signed on in January as a beauty guide in training, and today I’ve met my first promotion: Beauty Guide.

So, that’s my story up to now.  I hope you’ll stay tuned, because I think some beautiful things are in store, and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Please leave a comment and let me know what YOU want to learn about.  I’m here for you and promise to be your personal guide to your best beauty in this digital age.  So yes, Yay for Me!  but really, YAY! for YOU!!!





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