My superstitious nature will admit to this: I truly and honestly believe I’m a charmed person.  The Universe has smiled on my life with my birthday and wedding anniversary dates being two fortuitous days.  As a way to acknowledge that, I love to work on those days to spread the “luck” to my clients.  Meet Danielle, a most lovely bride who had a team of all-stars lined up for her October 21st Kiawah wedding.  Luke Wilson Events and Gayle Brooker, fine art photographer, were two of the team who helped create the following eye candy.

Great getting-ready light is the basis for a lovely makeup application.

Sitting in front of a window helps ensure the smallest details can be addressed.

Luke Wilson takes Danielle for the first peek of the reception space he created for her.

More delight when Danielle and her groom see the extent of the reception space.

First dance.

When the bride looks this beautiful at the end of the night, I can check this off as a lovely success. Gorgeous exit.








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