Dear 11-year old Pamela:

I am You at 56, with some experience under our belt.  Can you even imagine 45 years from now? Well, it’s going to come quickly. There are some things I’ve learned that you need to know at your core:

Everything is going to work out in your favor, because you my dear, are favored.

Give your mom and dad a break; they’re doing the best they can with what they have.  You won’t know the depths of their love for you until you have your own children.  And then, you’ll KNOW.

You may think you’re poor but babe, you’re richer than you know.

Be grateful for your good health and don’t ever take it for granted.

Love your sisters. Don’t be a bully. They have their lessons to learn and paths to walk, just as you do.

Take the hard classes . . . don’t be afraid of trigonometry or accounting or chemistry.  Even if you don’t make an A, the lesson of humility will stick with you forever.

Learn computers and technology.

Keep dancing. It makes your heart happy, and it’s just plain fun.

You come from a long line of female on-the-goers: women who constantly wanted to be on the move.  You will one day see the world.

Create.  Let your mind wander.

Keep working on that good posture.

Love with all your heart.

You’re gonna be great!

With love,

56 year-old Pamela




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