I’m a perfume oil wearer.

I have been since my mother’s 1970s use of various musk and floral oils.  My dry-skin constitution has always been attracted to the staying power of an oil.  That has carried over to lots of formulations including essential oils, hair oils, and my newest love of facial oils.

But first, there was perfume oil.  It’s a highly potent formulation; a tiny bit goes far.  I’m always mindful of how much I dab, roll, or slather on.  In my most intimate applications, I use just a teensy bit so just I can smell it.  I know which wrist or pulse point to whiff.  Mostly, it’s a siren call to the few people I let come into my space.  It’s a little treat saved for my husband, my children, and those I hug.  OK, so I hug a lot of people 😉

My Jo Malone oils were meant for baths.  I use them undiluted, straight on my freshly-shaven legs, as a perfumed moisturizer.  It’s mostly a jojoba oil base with the JM fragrance attached, but still a powerful moisturizer that happens to have a delicious scent.

Most recently, I’ve become addicted to Kuumba Made oils (second from right in the photo).  The roll-on bottles are tiny.  The oil is thick and powerfully concentrated; they last forever.  I purchased mine in the Whole Foods beauty section.  I’m back on my beloved Persian Garden, but this summer was spent in Black Coconut.  It was an eternal call to summertimes past. . . think Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotions and pina coladas.  During a WF sale, I also collected Amber & Sandalwood and Tunisian Patchouli.  These oils, when layered softly, make divine combinations, so coming up with your own personal blend is a great way to wear them.

Do you use a perfumed oil?  If so, please comment and tell me about yours.  And if you don’t, this fall consider trying one.  Your olfactory senses will be blissed out.  And so will your people.


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