I’ve recently discovered it Cosmetics.  (Thank you Rachael, for introducing me!)  There are a couple of their products that I simply adore, and today I wanted to share my love of CC+.  It’s a color correcting, full-coverage foundation for anyone who suffers from any of the following: hyper-pigmentation, redness, acne-prone skin, aging skin, or dark areas.  That’s pretty much all of us, amiright?  In the photos above I’ve applied CC+ to only half of my face so you can see the difference.  I watched a video this morning, and the founder of it Cosmetics, Jamie Kern, “promised” me this was the only product I’d need for my moisturizer, illuminator, primer, pore minimizer, full-coverage foundation, concealer, and SPF.  That’s quite a claim. I knew I needed to run in to my makeup mirror and give this a whirl, sans all the other products I normally slather on.  I think the proof is in the pics: there’s a definite difference between each side of my face.  You can tell where my dark areas got lighter and some of my spots are less noticeable.  I normally put foundation over my lips so that my lipstick lasts a little longer, so you can see where I’ve got some coverage there, too.  Overall, I’m giving CC+ a grade of A-.  It covers like it claims, but I still like all the moisturizing goodness that I’m willing to spend the time applying before my foundation.

Excuse me, please, while I run in and add some more concealer, too.

And bronzer.

Oh, and a little mascara.

And most definitely a lip. . . 😉

it Cosmetics can be found online at, your local Ulta, as well as QVC (which according to my gurl, Rachael, is where the best buys/bargains/supersizes can be found if stalked regularly!)


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