Everything about Jules pulls me in.  Where she lives, her work ethic, her commitment to an Alzheimer’s philanthropy, her love of all things aesthetic, and her utter delight in helping people find their beauty.

Just to the south of us is our sister city, Savannah.  Its coastal charm and Southern flare are every bit as steeped in history as Charleston.  Like CHS, SAV has it’s own booming bridal industry, and with that the need for exemplary beauty professionals.  I became acquainted with Jules de Jesus Fritz when I reached out to her to see if she could take care of a bridal client.  She did. . . beyond my expectations. . . and then started a friendship based in love-of-product and stellar customer service.  Jules has developed her own line of cosmetics; my first purchase was a lip product at a small Broughton Street boutique.  It was one of  the truest reds I’d come across, and the packaging pulled me in.  Her line was arranged on a vintage dressing table in the store, and that siren called my name, too.

When the New Year 2016 rang in, I’d made my usual list of things I wanted to do, people I wanted to meet or get to know better, and products I wanted to try.  Jules More Than Makeup was on that list.  So, Jules and I  Facetimed and she went over a few products with me and then a package showed up in my mail.  I received three Evershadow Cremes (the best eye primers I’ve ever used. . . Bare, Taupe, and Plum), as well as an Evershadow Powder eyeshadow (Fawn).

Once I got my hands on the products, my focus quickly turned to the “Bare” Evershadow Creme. It’s matte; a pinkish-nude that is simply a product of multi-tasking perfection.  I love it applied to the entire eye canvas, from lash line up to brow bone.  If my clients have any eyelid darkness, it’s a neutralizer that provides the perfect base for applying eyeshadow as it keeps shadow in place.  I’ve used it as a concealer under eyes, and also as a dab of light in the middle of a lower lip.  I use it on everyone. . . every skin shade. . . every skin type.  And like most professional-grade products, just a teensy-tad goes a long way.  This one little jar has worked with me for an entire spring bridal season.  Which brings me to the photos below; “Bare” is the one product I used on this entire party.  From the Bride to the MOB and the MOG, to all her bridesmaids.  It’s there, anchoring all the other products on each lady’s eyes.  Thank you, Jules, for not only creating a pro-friendly line of cosmetics and one that every consumer can easily use and access, but for being the kind, inspirational person you are. And please, keep dancing. . . maybe one day, I can dance with you, too 😉

Big thanks to beautiful bride, Kathryn and her FAB photographer, Devon Donnahoo




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