The words of Shel Silverstein are in my head as I write this.  As he was forever looking for his Missing Piece, I’m forever looking for my Perfect Lip.  And although he eventually found his missing piece, I no longer hold out hope that I’ll find my perfect lip.

As a matter of fact, I’m ok with that, as “the search” is part of my product wanderlust, and I simply enjoy the sport of trying out different brands too much to ever settle on only one perfect lippy.

My bachelorette ways have my standards down to today’s perfect lippy. Because that’s what works for me.  I could go on about so many different brands, their staying power (or lack of), and textures.  But instead, I’ll savor each of those and focus one at a time.

Which brings me to Perfect Lip This Week: my Limelight by Alcone Enduring Lip Color.  I’m McLovin’ this stuff!  I use it on myself and most every face I make up, and now I’m telling You about it.

What I love the most about these lippys is the dense pigmentation.  I don’t need a lip liner when I use these; I line my lips with these before I apply fully to my entire lip.  This product stays in place, and is beautiful!  And the best part???  I sell them!  In my own online store!!

You can click the link below, or you can drop me a line and I’ll consult you on color choices.  And I’ll tell you, these are h o t!  They don’t stay around long: they are in stock, then out of stock, then restocked regularly.

Just do your lips a favor and try these.  And then you can join me on an adventure of a makeup-lifetime: the ongoing search for a perfect lip!

Click here and I’ll join you down this beautiful rabbit hole 😉

Photo by Gillian Ellis of Coastal Bride.  Cutie-pie makeup bag available at Dandy Boutique in downtown Charleston.


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