Andrella Barnes. . . Heyyyy-eyyyy. . . It’s Your Birthday!  Happy 50th!  I’ve known you since, well, forEVER.  Always a stellar student, involved in extracurricular activities at school, and a fellow honor graduate.  You’re as impressive now as you were then.  It was such a pleasure to reconnect with you last January.  Wishing you all the best. . . the invitation’s open whenever you make it over here to Charleston!  Thank you for being a part of this Project: 50!FullSizeRender-5

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, MAC Power Point eyeliner (Buried Treasure), MAC Powder Blush (Peachy Keen & Warm Soul), Paint Pot (Rubenesque), MAC Cremesheen Lipglass (Star Quality).


Portrait by Ann Bertschin Photography


Andrella, Sam & Lori

Date of birth:

August 14, 1966.

What did you do within a year of graduating HCHS in 1984?

I attended Gordon Junior College in Barnesville, GA

Describe your life since graduating high school.  What are you doing now?

I graduated from 3 different colleges and worked in the healthcare industry, banking, local government, and wireless telecommunications.  Currently, I am a Project Manager with a wireless telecommunications company in Cobb County, GA.  

What activity brings you great joy?

Watching college football on Saturday afternoon with my family.

Do you still see any of your friends from high school?  Explain.

Yes, I still see several of my friends from high school through various activities.

How do you feel about turning 50?  What does “50” mean to you?

I feel that God has blessed me to live to become half a century.  It is a true blessing to be in good mind, body and spirit.  “50” means exactly what it is “50” living half a century and I’m grateful to be here. I do not see much changing in my life other than living it in a way that brings joy and happiness to me each and every day. 

What do you do to maintain your looks? (hair, makeup, skin care, exercise, etc.)

Hair – I like to keep it simple – let my stylist handle it

Makeup – pressed powder, lipstick, eyeliner and sometimes eyeshadow and mascara

Skincare- Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizing lotion

Exercise – workout 4-5 times a week  (Andrella is a buff workout queen!)

Knowing what you now know, what advice would you give your 18-year old self?

Live everyday like it was your last – do everything you think you want to do – love your family and friends – do not be afraid to try it – get all the education you can while you are young – never stop learning – always love and trust God – trust your instincts

What guilty pleasures do you allow yourself?


Name a couple teachers who were important to you in your educational years, and why.

Dr. Cecelia Floyd – she was my first grade teacher – she was very patient and nice – she taught me how to use the library (which was great because I still love to read today) – I will never forget her.

What does the next decade hold for you?  What are your dreams and wishes for this decade?

That’s a loaded question – I pray for good health, peace and happiness.  I pray and wish that my son graduates college and becomes a successful adult; and that my family is well and happy.


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