When I let my mind drift to “Lori Ann Robinson,” I have an instant memory of a snappy, take-nothing-off-nobody, yet sweet girl.  I’ve known Lori since our McDonough Middle School days, so that means I’ve known her approaching 40 years.  I remember how immaculately and neatly dressed she was.  I remember what an excellent student she was.  And I may even have lingering memories of being a tad jealous because she was a student that all the teachers loved.  She always did her work,  was in chorus, and sassed only under her breath;)  As an adult, I can now see all the makings for the business major and finance career person she has become.  She was business then, and she’s business now.  But, take one look at her Facebook page and you see the big heart that lies so close to the surface.  She derives her joy from her own and other’s children.  She has maintained and enjoys lifelong friendships with her circle of friends.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention LaSaundra Miller at this point.  LaSaundra graduated with us, was one of Lori’s best friends, and passed away just last year, far too early.  When I met up with Lori for this photo shoot, we talked about her and how much she would have loved to be a part of the girlyness of having her makeup done and sitting for a portrait.  Lori loves her to this day, as does her entire close circle of friends.  As Lori wrote to me throughout the planning process, “. . . April 1st is my birthday. . . and that’s no joke. . .”  Happy Birthday to You, Lori!  Fifty looks awesome on you!  With Love, Pamela.



I don’t know who snapped this candid of me taking their photo, but I’m so happy to have this! Andrella, Sam, & Lori.



Probably my favorite photo. Can’t you just feel their closeness and Love!

Portrait fabulosity courtesy of Ann Bertschin Photography.

What did you do within a year of graduating HCHS in 1984?  I attended Gordon Junior College right after high school, and graduated from there in 1986.  I went there with my lifelong friends (and fellow Project Fifty participants), Andrella Barnes and Samantha Elliott.  When we graduated from Gordon, we continued our education together at Fort Valley State University.  I graduated in 1990 with a degree in Business Management.

Describe your life since graduating high school.  What are you doing now?  I’ve been married for fifteen years to Eric Price.  We have two kids Eric 23 & Alexis 20.  I’ve been working in finance for 22 years.

What activity brings you great joy?  I love singing, being creative and helping the less fortunate.

Do you still see any of your friends from high school?  Explain.  Yes..the same friends I had in high school are still my best friends today (Andrella Barnes-Slaughter, Samantha Elliott-Cofield, Kimberly Hughey-Benson and LaSandra Miller-Canada (deceased 6/15/15).  We still make time to get together.

How do you feel about turning 50?  What does “50” mean to you?  I’m fine with turning 50. It’s a blessing and a milestone. I’m making sure I do the things I like to do…visit places I’ve never been and splurge a little…but really think about retirement.

What do you do to maintain your looks? (hair, makeup, skin care, exercise, etc.)  I’ve tried every diet..lol. My eating habits are bad. I do try  to attempt an exercise plan but it usually fails.  As for beauty…I wash my face and and try to keep it moisturized. I only wear makeup for special occasions or when needed. My hair is natural…chemical-free.

Knowing what you now know, what advice would you give your 18-year old self?  Do what really brings you joy or what you have a passion for.

What guilty pleasures do you allow yourself?  Food..nachos and cheese… shoes… shopping when I’m down… lol!

Name a couple teachers who were important to you in your educational years, and why.  Mrs. Cotton, my second grade teacher; she really invested her time in my progress.  Mrs. Artelia Reese, my high school political science teacher, saw my potential and always encouraged me. Mrs. Lillian Brooks, our high school’s keyboarding and business teacher was also a great encourager.

What does the next decade hold for you?  What are your dreams and wishes for this decade?  Just to live life to the fullest, because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. To love harder, stop putting off things and to take better care of myself.

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