Lori Goodrich.  When I close my eyes and think about this name and the person attached to it, I smile and perhaps laugh out loud a little.  Even bigger than her beauty, is her sense of humor and self-deprecation.  She was always willing to put herself out there for The Laugh.  If you know me at all, you know that humor is the way to my heart.  Well, this lady has it.  One afternoon this past January left me wanting so much more time with her.  This is someone who ought to write a book; she’s had a life; a very fascinating, rich life.  Rich with experiences both at home and abroad; with love of her sons; love as a daughter who moved home for an ailing mother; love of life on a farm with lots of animals.  Lori, wishing you more + more Love on this important day: Happy 50th!  You just keep getting better!  And seriously, please write the book; yours is a story that should be told and enjoyed.

Senior portrait.

LoriG 2

There she is, in the back, arms outstretched at our 5-year reunion. Some other classmates, too: Rhonda Widman, Terrie Olinger, Aimee Helms, me, Kerrie Davis


At our 20 year reunion! The West Georgia College Girls! Kerrie, Kay, and Lori.


Catching up a bit while straightening Lori’s hair for the shoot.


And today, in all her glory. This is my favorite photo of Lori; confident, beautiful, with a world of experience under her belt. I suppose this is my favorite Lori. She’s seen the world, been through some trials, and is back home having found love again. This photo says it all.


Portraits courtesy of Ann Bertschin Photography.

What did you do within a year of graduating HCHS in 1984!  I worked as a summer intern at Fort Gillem and then began attending the University of West Georgia in the Fall.  I remained in college for 5 years (long- term plan ????) and worked at Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem for 6 summers.

Describe your life since graduating high school.  What are you doing now?  I graduated college, started a full time position at Fort McPherson, married  a military man and then moved to Virginia where he started a new career in the Foreign Service.  We moved 10 times over the next 22 years in Virginia, Croatia, Kenya, Ukraine, Ghana and Zimbabwe.  After we moved back to Virginia, my husband left for Iraq and I had to quit my job and move back to Georgia with my two teenage boys. We were divorced soon after.  My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer after we arrived and I was able to care for her until she died.  I am now married to my high school sweetheart and we live on our small family farm in Henry County that my sister and I moved to back in 1977.  We have a daughter that lives in Miami, 2 sons working and our youngest son is attending Georgia Tech.

What activity brings you great joy?    I love spending time with family and friends, horseback riding, traveling, reading, and riding my tractor.

Do you still see any of your friends from high school?  Explain.    I usually only see old Georgia friends at stores, weddings and funerals.  I lost touch with many of my friends after I moved out of Georgia and had children.  I keep in touch with many of my friends on Facebook because it’s the easiest way to keep up with them and see pictures, too.

How do you feel about turning 50?  What does “50” mean to you?      I feel great about 50 and want it to be a new beginning for me.  I have had so much change in my life and I am ready for it to slow down.  I want to enjoy the simple things in my life and spend time with those I love.

What do you do to maintain your looks? (hair, makeup, skin care, exercise, etc.)     I have used a variety of products on my hair and skin over the years due to all of the moving.  I now use Aveda products for my hair and Clinique products for makeup and skin care.  I’ve always been an active person but plan on exercising more after I turn 50.  I need motivation!

Knowing what you now know, what advice would you give your 18-year old self?      Never say never!  Don’t let anyone tell you there is anything you can’t do.  Be determined, work hard and strive for your dreams.  Oh,  and put on some sunscreen!

What guilty pleasures do you allow yourself?    I love sweet tea, Mexican food and anything chocolate!

Name a couple teachers who were important to you in your educational years, and why.   Mr. Demme was my favorite teacher in high school.  He related well with the students and made math fun!

What does the next decade hold for you?  What are your dreams and wishes for this decade?  I want to continue strengthening my relationship with God and my husband, watch all my kids get married and become a grandmother.  I also hope to spend more time traveling within the U.S. and we would like to buy some property in North Georgia wth cows, goats, chickens and another horse.


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