July 1, 2016 begins a new era for Peggy Lewis Chapman!   I remember the cheerleader, and the spirit maven that she was (and still is).  She was the epitome of HCHS Warhawks pride.  She and her brothers were always involved in athletics.  She was a fantastic roller-skater and a stylish Hampton-girl, whose shorthand skills were enviable.  She learned Gregg shorthand and kept it alive and well in her repertoire of administrative skills.  I’ve seen Peggy at each of our class reunions, and as always, fell back into easy rapport with her because of her relaxed, friendly and chatty nature.  She has the gift of gab, and I know that has served her well over the years.  Peggy has had a remarkable career with the State of Georgia; 30+ years, now retired from that, and on to a second career.  She’s the kind of person who makes herself indispensible.  Here’s Peggy’s take on turning fifty:

What did you do within a year of graduating HCHS in 1984?  I worked briefly for Georgia Farm Bureau, then went to work for the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Describe your life since graduating high school.  What are you doing now?  I began working at the Department of Corrections in October of 1985 and I will retire with 30+ years on February 1, 2016.  I am in the process of trying to figure out what to do for the next chapter of my life.  It’s very scary, yet very exhilarating at the same time!

What activity brings you great joy?  I have been the typical baseball mom since both of my boys were 4.  They are now 16 and 19, and I still follow them wherever that leads.  My oldest plays baseball at the college level and my youngest plays on a traveling team, so that often takes me out of Georgia to chase them through various states.  I do bake and cater whenever it fits into my schedule.

Do you still see any of your friends from high school?  Explain.  I do see a few friends from high school, but it is usually when we just happen to bump into one another.

How do you feel about turning 50?  What does “50” mean to you?  50 looks a little intimidating, but I guess it’s just a number.  I hope it means a new, improved me with a new career and I look forward to watching my boys turning into men.

What do you do to maintain your looks? (hair, makeup, skin care, exercise, etc.)  I won’t say that I’ve let myself go, but I will say that I don’t take as much care as I should.  I do the bare minimum with makeup and hair (not buying expensive brands or keep to any specific routine) and I don’t exercise as much as I should.

Knowing what you now know, what advice would you give your 18-year old self?  Don’t feel like you’ve got to know all of the answers.  Part of the fun is not knowing where the journey will take you.

What guilty pleasures do you allow yourself?  Chocolate and traveling.

Name a couple teachers who were important to you in your educational years, and why.  Mrs. Wallace, since that’s where I learned to type and take shorthand.  Both of which have helped me immensely over the years.

What does the next decade hold for you?  What are your dreams and wishes for this decade?  I hope it holds a second career that is just as fulfilling as the first has been.  I want for my husband and I to be able to travel to a destination that isn’t centered around baseball and to visit places we wouldn’t normally go.  I’d also like a couple of grandchildren once my boys are out of school (to include college).  A lot of my friends are already grandmothers and it looks like a lot of fun!

Scan 6

Scan 9

I’m not sure if graduating seniors do this any more, but calling cards with our names imprinted on them were a popular giveaway.


When we graduated high school, Peggy and her brother, Larry, gave me a black & gold scrapbook, in keeping with their HCHS spirit; those were our school colors. This was the note she included with it.

peggy & kerrie 1

Peggy and Kerrie at our 10-year reunion.


I’m fairly certain this is my mascara face. I love each of my clients to know that this face helps me get mascara evenly on bottom lashes.  A proper demonstration is usually necessary to help relax them 😉


Peggy, a natural blonde, has maintained her beautiful color, which puts the focus on her blue eyes.  As with most natural blondes, sometimes brows can be a little light.  I filled in Peggy’s brows with MAC’s Omega eyeshadow, staying within the natural line.  A little smudging of a black-gold eyeliner (MAC’s Buried Treasure) opened up her eyes and made them pop.  I blended a few NARS blushes below her cheekbones and apples of her cheeks.  I topped off her look with a sparkly-brown lipstick to again compliment her blue eyes.

Special thanks to our friend and fellow HCHS alum, Ann Branan Bertschin, for her photography work.

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