I’m quite comfortable with a red lip. It’s a Mama-thing because she used to wear red lipstick. One of my earliest memories is standing in her lap, swiping her red lipstick from her lips and pressing it onto my own tiny lips.

My first red lipstick purchase was a L’Oreal lippy in the shade “British Red Coat.”  That was in 10th grade.  When I wore it, someone told me I looked like I had kissed a monkey’s butt.  Of course, I stopped wearing it until I got to UGA where “Red Coat” meant school colors and was encouraged on game days.

I have several red lipsticks and love wearing them because they are considered “classic.” And because it makes me feel strong. And, side benefit, I love the look of red lipstick marks on my coffee cup.

These days, if I choose a red lip, I go light on every other makeup choice: nude, dewy skin, flesh-tone eyeshadow, and an overall softness.  Because the lip is the statement.

There’s so much psychology behind a red lip, in particular power and sensuality.

Do YOU ever wear a red lip? Why or why not?

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