I have a soul-sister. . . one related not by genetics, but by a collection of experiences and a fondness for badassery. On June 2nd, Lil will hit a milestone in her life, her 70th birthday, and I want to publicly wish her a Happy Birthday.

Lil and I have been friends for many years, and for many reasons. The number one reason for my friendship with Lil is her go-for-it attitude toward most everything in life. As I often tell her, “Lil, you’re GAME.” Meaning, she’s up for anything. And how youthful is that?!?

I love Lil’s embrace of her seven decades. She’s very open about her age and takes pride in her experience and maintaining her beautiful looks.
She’s the consummate hostess: she whips up appetizers before her meals that are on par with any of Charleston’s finest restaurants. (Pickled shrimp, anyone?)
She’s got a photographic memory and can remember color-schemes like no one else I know.
She’s a Lady, always with fresh lipstick applied, nails manicured, and shoes that match every outfit.
She’ll talk to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Just ask the strangers from the PHX airport who directed us to some memorable Nashville sites.
She’s seemingly immune to tequila.
She’s a breast cancer survivor. She has overcome chemo-brain and is still one of the best-read people I know. As in a “voracious” reader. A life-long learner.
She’ll wear alllll her jewels, and while you’re taking it all in, she’ll tell you about the out-house she used in her growing up years or the single pull-chain bulb that lit her home as a child.
But don’t let the jewels fool you into thinking she’s above driving a truck with a stuck-transmission in REVERSE all the way to a country party, just so she could be part of the action.
She’s had a cache of other friendships and stories for why they were friends; when in her life they were important, and shenanigans they got into. . . and how much she loved each of them.
She was an 80’s big-hair queen. We’ll forever be bonded by our love of Aqua-Net, Myrtle Beach, biker bars, day-drinking, Mexican lunches, Krystal-burgers, and an impromptu road-trip.

They broke the mold on June 2, 1951.
I love you, Lil.
You’re my girl.

Early 80’s Lil
Lil and me in Sedona, AZ
Somewhere on Route 66

Lil’s 70th birthday present: a convertible BMW M4 sportscar

Grand Canyon
Sometimes we enjoy a sleepover and keeping Harry Styles’ Grammy performance on replay 😉

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