This year, I’ve been super-interested in photographers.  What their back-stories are, where they come from, what got them interested in their field, and their other outlets of creativity.  Last month, I was able to go a step further, by meeting and making up the mama of one of my photographer friends, Elizabeth Gouldon.

This is Sara Gouldon.  One afternoon with her was like being near the sun: warm, feel-good, nurtured, and oh-so-lovely.  I know the reasons I love her daughter, but spending even a little time with Sara was the gift of a moment of knowing Elizabeth a little better.  Now, I completely understand that comparing mothers and daughters can be a taboo topic.  One that I’m sensitive to, as a daughter and a mother.  But, I think both Sara and Elizabeth would see this as the highest compliment: this daughter represents all the best qualities of her mother. . . with the added bonus of bringing her own unique and beautiful qualities to the table.

Sara and Elizabeth, thank you for allowing me to share a little You-time.  I needed a mama-fix and being with you two gave me that.  All my love, P.

Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Fay Gouldon.

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