Once upon a time (August, 2011), I had two memorable experiences with two dear friends.  My girlfriend and hair-extraordinaire, Tanesha Dupree, gave me the pixie haircut I so desperately wanted. Then, my friend and ridiculously-talented photographer, Diana Deaver, did my headshot for my blog. I’ve been so fortunate to have access to the caliber of beauty and photographic talent here in Charleston, that I’ve had.

I went to Diana’s home for our session.  After tea, conversation, and her dealing with my fidgetry, the photos below are what she produced.  She liked the scarf I brought with me for accessories so, I left her the scarf and knew she’d have the opportunity to use it again.

Fast forward to 2016, lunch with Diana.  She chuckled as she asked me if I’d seen that scarf in any recurring social media.  I had not.  She told me to check out her friend JP Sears‘ work.  Indeed, the scarf has found a new home, and I laugh every time I see it.  On some level, it adds to all the “spirituality” he analyzes.  Good stuff.  Click on the links above to be sure to check out all these creatives’ endeavors!
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_mg_0251 _mg_9953

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