Life is short.
Wear the Hermes scarf.
Put on the lipstick.
Give good profile.

This scarf was a gift from a very special person: my husband’s former work-wife, Lynn. She’s been around the world and seen a lot. When she was in Paris, she purchased this Hermes scarf. She eventually gave it to me because she thought it “should be with a fancy lady.” Ha! I don’t consider myself fancy. But when I opened it, I absolutely saw myself in a convertible, this scarf around my head, and my JackieO sunglasses on. (Oh, I can do incognito glamour in a NY second;)

Fast forward several years: Photo shoot time. One last sweep of my closet and my eye met with the iconic orange box. I grabbed it because I knew she had to see the light of day.

Anyways, note to self: wear the damn (gorgeous) scarf.

Photo by Krissy Millar Photography.

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