My career in bridal makeup began at the MAC counter 10 years ago, and oh, those were sweet days!  I felt so legit in my head-to-toe black. . . “the uniform.”  I had a train case full of Studio Fix and Mineralized powders.  I had palettes for days!  Eye shadows, blushes, depotted lippies, lashes, Lashes, and more LASHES!  My brush belt was a duplicate of my counter belt so I could give my clients the full MAC experience.  As I look back at the early days of Charleston bridal work, and I’m so very grateful to the company who fostered me.  They value training, continuing education, product knowledge (who could forget the PKM. . . product knowledge manual).  I loved this artist-driven, corporate cosmetics giant.  And I still do.  To this day, I can’t pass up a MAC counter.  I still have to stop and admire the testers of lipsticks.  And then I quickly remember all the isopropyl in beekers to dip and swipe lip sticks for infection control purposes.  And of course, the lessons in how to remove makeup from and clean a brush properly.  Even now when I’m asked how a newbie can get into the industry, I always respond, “apply at the MAC counter.”  They are highly selective, and if you get even a freelance job, just know your foot is in The Door and your finger on the pulse of everything cutting edge and artistic.  Oh yeah, and the 60% employee discount. . . 😉  I love ya, MAC!

Don’t worry. . . this MAC “Boss Brown” longwear lippy was the bride’s own product. #infectioncontrol #sanitation



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