Portraits by Diana Deaver

What’s your birthdate?

August 9th 1980

When did you first pick up a camera?  Tell me about that.  When did you know you had a talent for photography?  

I started playing with a friend’s nice camera in 2006. I bought my own first semi professional camera in 2008. I didn’t know I have a talent for it for a while…but I knew I loved photography since I was a child.

Natural talent or learned process?

Both. You become a master after 10,000 hours of practice. I have “a few” left to go. 🙂

What do you love to photograph?

Human beings.

Who are some of your photographer icons and/or mentors?

Peter Lindberg is a photographer whose work often inspires me. 

You get to have dinner with 3 other people, alive or deceased.  With whom would you dine?  What would you ask them? 

Cleopatra, and I would ask her a lot about being a woman leader at 18. 

Dalai Lama, and I wouldn’t ask him anything, I would just like to laugh with him.

Hitler- I think I would want to see if I experience his humanity.

Do you know when you have a spectacular shot, or does that come about in the editing process?

Sometimes I do know right away. Other times I discover a spectacular shot in the editing process.

What makes you feel connected to your subject? 

Silence! If my subject can allow themselves to be photographed without having to cover the nervousness with chatter, and if I can allow myself to be in their presence without trying to make them feel more comfortable, then there is something insanely powerful and magical that happens…in those seconds of silence we flow together, we are connected, at a very deep level.

What are your thoughts on editing?  Like it or abhor it?  Do it yourself?  

I adore it!! I could be an editor alone. Editing is taking a mediocre image and making it exceptional.

Is there any genre of photography that you’d like to explore further?

Not really…humans are my favorite subject and am fully content with photographing them for the rest of my life.

What’s on your photographic bucket list?

I would love to photograph men and women with dark skin. I am a bit in love with the way light dances on dark skin.

What inspires you?

Authenticity- when I read an essay that is painfully honest, or listen to a song performed with complete surrender or watch someone who is at ease with themselves…I am deeply inspired, I am in love.

How would you handle a difference of opinion with a client? 

I wouldn’t. We are allowed to have differing opinions. I will honor theirs and ask them to honor mine. I am learning to fully love people who don’t agree with me.

What advice would you give an up and coming photographer?

Take your time…enjoy the process. There is no rush to “kill it.”  Honor your own timing.

Are you involved in any kind of continuing education or professional groups?


What makes you feel loved?

Exchange…when I exchange moments, thoughts, energy with someone and there is this back and forth of offering and receiving…I feel loved, I feel wanted, I feel cherished.

What are your favorite conditions/lighting/circumstances to shoot?

Gentle light, sunset, sunrise…

What are your social media handles?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dianadeaver/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/DianaDeaverPhoto/

Website: www.HeadshotLove.com

What makes you feel pretty?

Self care. The smallest act of self care increases my ability to appreciate my own beauty.

Do you have any other thoughts or things to say about your profession?

I feel very selfish about being a photographer sometimes. This profession has blessed me immeasurably…sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve all it has gifted me: connection, knowledge, friendships, support, passion, creativity, purpose, sustenance. As far as I’m concerned, all my clients will go to HEAVEN if for no other reason than having offered me the generous, intimate and vulnerable opportunity of photographing them.

Candids provided by Diana

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