I’m having a moment of struggle here, y’all.  Clearly, I’ve made the decision in the name of Full Beauty Disclosure to make this post.  I’ve never shied away from discussing my use of Botox because I love it.  I’ve been cursed with Thelma’s “worry lines” between my brows (aka “elevens”).  I wouldn’t trade any of the great times and hearty laughs that have given me my own bunny lines and crows’ feet/eye crinkles, but the elevens make me gasp.  So, sparingly, Botox has been my friend for the past nine years.  I don’t think I can be accused of motionless facial expressions or using it to the point of forehead paralysis, because that’s not my bag.  I love facial expressions.  I just never liked when my kids would ask me why I was mad, and it was because of the static worried look on my face.  So, I decided to partake.  Not news.

But now, two days ago, I did what I said I’d never do: have my lips done (just my top lip, actually).  Despite the bruise I’m showing y’all, I have zero regrets, and I’m growing to love my new fuller lip.  I will tell you that in the world of lip-plumping, this is a very insignificant amount.  I’ll never be the duck-lips girl.  I’m the girl who wants just a tad, just for symmetry.  But I’m also a bruiser.  Happens most times I have an injection.  And I wanted you to see one of the temporary, downsides to this procedure.

I took these pics this morning in my sun room, facing different windows.  The first pic is with zero makeup, purple bruising in full effect; it’s counterpoint is after some color correction, plus some lipstick.  Fuck it: I did this knowing full well that I’d have a bruise and that I’d have to deal with it for a few days.  At the very least, it gives me some real-life practice with color theory and color correcting.  It might even make me a smarter makeup artist.



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