1  Clean brushes work better.  Do you have a brush that has makeup caked on?  A blush brush whose bristles are packed down to the core?  If this sounds familiar, your brush may be too far gone.  But before you toss it, give it a thorough cleaning to see if you can revive it. There are two steps in this process:  Remove the makeup with an oil (olive or coconut oil will work beautifully), then wash the brush with a gentle sudsing agent (baby shampoo works great, too).

2  Protect your investment. Clean brushes last longer.  We all know good brushes are pricey, but so worth it over your makeup life.  They are the tools of the trade and natural bristles are the gold standard with some synthetic bristles providing excellent application, too.  Whatever they are made of, clean is a must if you want them to last a long time.

3  Your skin will be healthier.  Dirty brushes harbor bacteria.  And every time  you use a dirty brush, those bacteria are being reapplied to your eyes, lips, and face.   My recommendation is to clean + wash them once a week.  If you’ve been sick, had a cold, or let someone else use your brushes, clean them more often.

Photos by Jennifer Collins Photography


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