Reinvention is a necessity in the beauty marketplace, especially for well-established brands that have been around for many years.  Just ask Dr. Zein Obagi, the inventor of the skin care line that was once found in nearly every well-heeled medicine cabinet across the US.  As a makeup artist and skin care enthusiast, I could spot an “Obagi face” a mile away.  Originally found in plastic surgeons’ offices, it was a line of facial skin products that jump-started the anti-aging boom.  Fast forward a couple of decades to the new version: ZO Skin.  It’s my understanding that the original Obagi line is still around, but the good doctor mentioned above sold the line and has now reformulated and produced this one.  Thanks to the lovely Charleston Medical Spa, I was able to sample some core products for my (dry) skin type.  Here’s my take:

Step One: Hydrating Cleanser. I liked it. It’s a rich cleanser that needs to be emulsified (mixed with a tad of water to lather) before applying to face. Once emulsified, the lather lingered long. Lots of rinsing, but I was left with soft, clean skin.

Step Two: Exfoliating Polish. This was my fave of the three products. This exfoliant was divine. A tiny amount is all that was necessary to softly remove dead skin cells. I loved the dense texture. It needed to be a tad-emulsified too, and then the slip and movement of the product went next-level. Highly recommend!

Step Three: Growth Factor Serum Plus. Growth factors are all the rage right now. They are the stem cells that help regenerate new skin growth. Especially after exfoliating, this product sunk deep. I’m not sure yet if I’ve actually regenerated some collagen, but I still have a lot of product to use. As a dry-skin person, I still need a moisturizer after this treatment product.

Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Charleston Medical Spa!  Check out their website and the services and products they offer.  The selection is amazing!  PL

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