Today is special.  What a powerful concept!  As I kon-mari my way through closets, attic crawl-spaces, and cabinets, I’m finding so many things I should have used, and have not.  Nice things that got stashed away and never saw the light of day.  How in the world did they not get used?  My husband has observed my nesting and clearing out of things since my mother passed away.  I don’t know what this means yet, or why I’m nesting after that fact, but I do know I’m coming across a lot of things that I wish I would have used: fine stationery, delicious incense, pretty lacy things that are still wrapped in tissue.  I’m processing something, but I don’t know what yet.

It’s time to USE the things that I found so compelling to purchase in the first place.  Time’s ticking. My life is happening.

So if you get a note from me in the mail. . . that handmade piece of origami stationery. . . I saved it from a File-86 demise.  You don’t need to hang on to it.  I just needed to send it.



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