Three weeks ago, Jim and I were invited to attend a special honorarium for our friend’s dad.  The event was held at the avian conservatory, Center for Birds of Prey, and was sponsored by our dear friend Peter McKellar of Harbor Contracting, in honor of his dad, Pete McKellar.  The elder Pete is a volunteer at the Center; he underwent countless hours of study and certification in order to become a bird handler, not only for his joy and interest, but to help educate the public about these magnificent creatures.  His time there has been a large part of his retirement and his way of giving back to the lowcountry community he holds dear.  This was our first time visiting the Center for Birds of Prey, and it is nothing short of awe-some.  Pair that experience with four amazingly talented Nashville singer-songwriters, and it was an evening we won’t soon forget.  It included a tour of the beautiful grounds, experts like Pete who told the histories of these large birds, and a fabulous meal and cocktails in this sublime setting.  Bird Songs 2017 is a memory now. . . but you better believe we’ll be making our reservations for 2018.  Mr. Pete, thank you for your community service and dedication to the preservation of these awe-inspiring birds.  Friend/neighbor Peter and Harbor Contracting, thank you for including us in this very special evening.  Click the arrow above to check out this recording featuring Cole Taylor (shout out to the Georgia boy!)

Mr. Pete, gloving up to receive one of the inbound birds of prey. His son Peter, and grandsons Alex and Andrew, by his side.

My Jim with singer-songwriter, Cole Taylor, whose voice can be heard in the video above.

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