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October 21, 2015:

Today, I’m forty-nine.  Here’s a glimpse into my random waking thoughts / stream of consciousness:

“I’m a Forty-Niner. . . Joe Montana was too. . .

I need to Google “forty-niner” (a prospector in the California gold rush of 1849). . .

Niner = Miner. . .

Neil Young, “. . . I’ve been a miner for a heart of gold. . .”

I am a miner for a Heart of Gold. . . now, I need to listen to that song. . .

And then I did.

Maybe it’s just me feeling all happy with my birthday-self, but I misted up at the first couple of lines.

And today, especially, I feel like these words have a deeper meaning for me.  As I embark on my fifth decade of this wondrous life. . .

      I wanna live

      I wanna give

      I’ve been a miner for a Heart of Gold.

Here’s a young Neil Young. . . he starts playing around 1:46.






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