As I sit here this morning, after my epsom salt bath, I’m already dreading the 1-hour workout in this evening’s forecasted chill.  I’ve committed to twice a week trainings for this year’s Cooper River Bridge Run plus all the “homework” that ensures the training goes smoothly.  Quite honestly, I knew I was unfit, but I didn’t realize just how much.

This “Under & Over!” program is sponsored by Louie’s Kids, a Charleston-based organization dedicated to ending childhood obesity.  I’ve heard about it for years, and wrote it off as something neither I nor my family “qualified” for.  Then I realized we were becoming that family: couch-dwellers.  I don’t want that for my beautiful 15-year old daughter.  That’s not who my marathon-running husband is.  And it’s not who I want to be.  But my muscles are telling me differently: they are achy and non-pliable this morning.  They are reminding me that I’ve allowed myself to become sedentary.

In this, my 50th year celebration, I’ve decided to say “Yes!” to a lot more opportunities that come my way.  When I heard about this, I said yes for me, my daughter, and my husband.  This is the year I will run (hopefully) the Bridge Run.  But if I have to walk/run it, I’ll take that, too.  And it’s the year I get back on track with a diet that’s loaded with nutrition and protein and leafy greens and veggies.

Thank you to Louis Yuhasz + Staff, for your time, dedication, and enthusiasm.  This family appreciates it more than you’ll know!

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