It’s a “lifestyle” that I wish weren’t a fact.  But, it’s a universal truth. . . one they don’t tell you about, one you’re left to discover on your own.  Way after three babies.  Tucked in next to a hot flash and a compounded hormone cream.  The “truth” is this: stress incontinence is real.  And it sneaks up on you obscurely enough.  Perhaps you’re enjoying a laugh-out-loud moment with your girlfriends with a lovely glass of pinot.  Maybe it’s the stress of a knee tucked in toward your chin during a great rabbit pose in a yoga class.  There are lots of causes of incontinence in women, but childbearing (which causes muscle laxity in the pelvic floor) and the stress of exercise, not to mention a fulfilling sneeze or cough, can all trigger that little tinkle that is more than a nuisance.  Thankfully, in this day and age of share-it-all, we can usually find someone who has experienced a similar (if not same) issue.  Other women to commiserate with.  And thanks to the ads that appear on a Facebook feed, targeting us as if they know us, one can find a gem like Icon Undies.  I’m a sucker for great marketing and packaging; I’m absolutely the consumer they are looking for.  Not only do I have a need for their product, but they’ve spelled it out to me in a way that hits home: it’s hip; they understand what I’m going through.  And they’ve put together a high-end product that promises to give back to women in developing nations who suffer from fistula, a much more severe health issue than the token laugh-pee.  It’s Tom’s  for the bladder-challenged.  I for one, am so appreciative that this product exists.  Icon Undies are underwear (bikini or high-waisted) that have a high-tech absorbency which manages to let you forget for a moment that Tinkle Has Happened. The packaging is sweet, complete with a travel pouch.  Take a look at these videos, ladies.  Who wouldn’t want to try these?  Double claps, Icon!  Love the product, love your marketing.  Love! Love!! Love!!!

Videos courtesy of Icon Undies.

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