“Oh I’m looking’ for my missin’ piece

Over land and over seas

So grease my knees and fleece my bees

I’m looking’ for my missin’ piece.”    – Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece”

I’m missing two pieces this morning.  As I scroll back through my camera roll, I stopped on this photo and it gave me pause.  Two magnificent presences in my life are now on to building their own.  Separate and distinct from their mom’s.

Culley just completed his junior year and is readying for a summer abroad to study music theory in Paris, with some other stops peppered in.  This is a mama-dream coming true.

Jordan relocated to Denver, and is preparing to move further into Colorado to Boulder.  I think we truly have lost him to the mountains, but I know that makes his heart sing, and therefore mine, too.

I’m just having a mama reality-check this morning.  My kids are doing their own thing and living their own lives.  This is natural, right?  I’ve grown them to this point.  This is what raising kids is all about, right. . . preparing them to step out into this world on their own?  My boys are young men who make me so proud and so happy just to see their faces, especially in person, but also on a cell phone camera roll.

So, that leaves us with Livi to lavish all our attention on 😉  As we come to the end of her freshman year, which has f l o w n  by, we realize how little time we have with her in our nest.  How much we need to fill this time with love, hard work, laughter, and fun.

Yes, I suppose I’m a tad melancholy this morning.  I just wanted to acknowledge this feeling.  And express my gratitude to the Universe, for these beautiful, healthy, intelligent, and real human beings that I call my children.


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