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Pamela Lesch’s blog, Prime Time Pretty, is the marriage of her life’s great loves: writing and all things beauty-related. With a Bachelor degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Teaching (English), Pamela has found her voice in the realm of publishing and considers herself a beauty storyteller.

Pamela believes that every face, every product, every procedure has a story behind it. She gets immense joy from doing the research and then sharing that story.

Pamela suffers great wanderlust, which adds an intriguing travel aspect to her blog. Although she loves to visit new places, Pamela feels incredibly lucky to live in Charleston, SC, a place she adores coming home to.

When she first began her blog, Pamela thought she’d gear it toward women over 40. However, in the years since, she’s realized that every age is Prime Time, and every woman desires to be her own brand of Pretty.

No matter your age or style, there’s something in Prime Time Pretty for you.


Today’s Renaissance Beauty

Today’s Renaissance Beauty

Carolyn and her sisters have a lovely family affair with food and can be found on Instagram at @FoodInTheAir.  “Do you love Food?  Do you love Air?”  Then you’ll love FITA!

Life is a Party: Mrs. Whaley’s Garden

One of the highlights of my summer was a shared job that kick-started my own home-front creativity at a time when I needed it most.  My dear friend Kelly Campbell, of Charleston Makeup, asked me to collaborate with her for makeup and hair on a series of videos...

She Got It From Her Mama

She Got It From Her Mama

This year, I've been super-interested in photographers.  What their back-stories are, where they come from, what got them interested in their field, and their other outlets of creativity.  Last month, I was able to go a step further, by meeting and making up the mama...

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Brushes

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Brushes

1  Clean brushes work better.  Do you have a brush that has makeup caked on?  A blush brush whose bristles are packed down to the core?  If this sounds familiar, your brush may be too far gone.  But before you toss it, give it a thorough cleaning to see if you can...

Lip Service: Part Deux

Lip Service: Part Deux

For me, bruising is the price I pay to the beauty gods, for participating in a practice that’s goes against aging “naturally.” That’s ok because nature has given me Arnica and the scientists at Allergan have formulated HA5.

Bird Songs 2017, Honoring Pete McKellar III. Three weeks ago, Jim and I were invited to attend a special honorarium for our friend's dad.  The event was held at the avian conservatory, Center for Birds of Prey, and was sponsored by our dear friend Peter McKellar of Harbor Contracting,...




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