I am frequently asked how I became a makeup artist. It’s a question I love because I realize people are truly fascinated by this line of work. Makeup represents good times. Most often, if someone is having their makeup done, they are in a good place in their life. Weddings or special events, photo shoots, TV appearances: all of that is positive.

My earliest makeup experiences are Mama-related. She loved red lipstick, and most any product having to do with beauty. Preparing and maintaining the way we looked was engrained early on. Age 12 was a pivotal point in my makeup life: I lived too far outside Atlanta to be able to attend the Barbizon School of Modeling, but I could mail order their makeup kit. This began my lifelong love of product. Throughout high school and college days (Go UGA Bulldogs!), I was a go-to girl for quickie makeup applications before football games or sorority socials. My dalliances with beauty pageants and my post-college job as a flight attendant exposed me to a much broader world of makeup via NYC department stores and boutiques.

I’ve had many jobs, but makeup is my career, my passion, and my love. I adore discovering great products, but I am addicted to seeing that look in a client’s eye when they hold the mirror up to see how transformative a little makeup can be. Whether it’s a bride on her wedding day or a politician making a national appearance on TV, the power of makeup is an awesome, confidence-building thing.

I’m often told that I’m a calming presence, and I take great pride in that. That stems from confidence in knowing what I’m doing from product choice to application. Makeup is a finishing touch that enhances most any occasion. It’s my kind of FUN.


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