Here’s what I know after my first day-trip to the Grand Canyon: I need to see it again with my husband and children, all of us together.  It’s grander far beyond anything than I could have imagined.  To stand on the rim and look around this wonder, for me, was to realize how infintessimally small  I am in in this world.  It’s a humbling thing that simply must be experienced in person.

Lil and I made the brilliant decision to not try to tackle the Grand Canyon National Park on our own.  We did a Pink Jeep Tour of the South Rim.  The tour began with an IMAX movie, National Geographic’s Grand Canyon, which got us super-psyched and physically-oriented for the tour (I felt like I was flying through the canyon!)  Our guide was an encyclopedia of GCNP knowledge: she led interactive stories about the flora and fauna, the Native Americans and indigenous people who still lay claim to this land, the canyon’s prehistoric roots, white explorers and government involvement in the national parks system, the role of the Colorado River, and so much more.

This was a bucket-list item, y’all.  I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to see this in your lifetime.

I highly recommend Pink Jeep Tours for a thoroughly informative and entertaining way to see the Grand Canyon. Especially if it’s your first time visiting, like me.  This is Lucy, our awesome, intelligent guide, who packed in a ton of info and some super-fun trivia.

This is a new happy place for me. One of the environs that I’ve stashed away in my head, so I can close my eyes and recall the sensory experience of it.

Scooching (the technical term for sitting + scooting) out onto this ledge was a big deal. It’s a total drop-off. Only canyon below. But just look out into that yonder. . .

And, a little canyon humor. . . 😉

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