That’s aviation code for Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ to Sedona, AZ.  When I travel, I love, luv, lurve falling back into my aviation speak from my flight attendant days.  It’s a silly little something that makes me happy.

Last week, my friend Lil and I embarked on a trip Out West.  In the planning of this adventure, many destinations were discussed, and our first stop was to be the new-age “spiritual vortex” of Sedona, Arizona, known for its Native American history and ancient red rock formations.  I consulted my NY Times’ bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and found the highly-recommended Enchantment Resort & Mii Amo Spa.

Enchantment View 180

Watching the sun set on the red rocks is a show-off moment for Mother Nature. There are so many colors, curves, and caves within the strata of the formations. Having a cocktail while watching this display just seemed right.It had been a long day of travel with the flights, navigating airports and rental car, and finding our way out of Phoenix to Sedona.  There’s equal part excitement, exhaustion, and elation when finding your way to a place you’ve never been.


Tired Me after a day of planes and automobiles and 5000 ft elevation. 56 degrees at night = sweater weather for southern girl.

Enchantment is out of the way. It’s not on the main drag of Sedona; you have to drive considerably past the city limits.  Tucked into the side of the formations, it’s very deliberate in its built-in appearance and feels like you’re a part of the red rocks. There’s an entire ecosystem of indigenous plants and wildlife.  On the morning we checked out, and we left early, I caught a glimpse of a pack of 3-4 wolves on the outer edge of the property.  I kid you not! Wolves!!! (which I was told later by a tour guide, is a very fortuitous sighting;).  There was the snake that Lil stepped on, on the way to our spa appointment, and there was plenty of roadkill on the winding roads that led up to Sedona: skunk, coyote, and deer, and badger.

Sedona prickly pear cactus

Prickly pear from the cactus is a beautiful purple fruit that’s used as an ingredient in many Sedona spa treatments and foodie + cocktail offerings.

Check in for my next blog: spa treatments at Mii Amo!

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