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In my last post, I declared my yearning to live. Not only in this fifth decade I’m now working on, but in my day-to-day life. Thank you to my dear, childhood friend Kay Whaley Rowan for capturing a moment, and for allowing me to be this person, especially on her watch. These photos demonstrate exactly what I mean. . . not so much the risk involved (yes, I know I could have broken something), but the want-to that exists in me every single day. I’m pretty sure I get this from my mother, following one of her Thelma-isms of “. . . let’s do something, even if it’s wrong. . .” We begin here, dockside of the Rowan family home on Lake Sinclair, Georgia; a stunning little slice of Heaven I like to think of as my second home. To know the Rowans is to understand that their home is a hub for all family and friends. I’m lucky to be included, but I’ve known Kay since we were in Mrs. Claxton’s fourth grade homeroom, and I call dibs on her from time to time.  Another take-away from this outing: Hang out with teenagers more.  There’s so much to learn from them, too.


Here we sit, me extolling the virtues of SPF 30+ to these young beauties. They’re probably smiling politely and “yes ma’am-ing” me just to get me to hush. You remember that age when having a tan just made your world feel better?  They were prepping me on what it would be like to jump from the train trestle into the lake.


So, we made it out to the trestle. I won’t go into the innumerable details that it took to get to this point. Suffice it to say, it takes feet soles-of-steel and upper body strength that eludes me. Here I am, taking in the gravity of how high up this bridge is, how hot the track is, and how damn easily those young people hopped right up.


Definitely having second thoughts. . .but the only way down is, well, down.

DSC_0857 (2)

The Jump.  Look at all those magnificent teenagers! And Me!!!  Can I tell you how encouraging, how sweet, how amazing they were? And my friends Kay + Jeff were, I’m sure, shaking their heads from the boat.


Our reward at the end of a great day: this sunset.  No filter!!!  One of the many reasons that Georgia will always be on my mind.




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