Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten letter in the mail?  Every time I check my mailbox, I’m hopeful there will be some original, authentic piece in the box.  To me, an envelope with someone’s penmanship is the hallmark of “I care.”  Perhaps because I delight in handwritten letters, I’m always struck by their vessels: mailboxes. As I look around my own neighborhood I find that they are an extension of the resident’s home. Last fall when traveling throughout Arizona, I enjoyed pulling over and taking pics of lots of different mailboxes.  I hope you’ll enjoy this rural/suburban “post” as much as I did:

Near Sedona. Someone’s cap had fallen off onto the road. I assume the person who lives at 1275 saw it on the asphalt, picked it up, and placed it on the mailbox so its owner could easily retrieve it. Arizona etiquette 😉

I’m partial to a red mailbox. I appreciate the red rocks used here to help give support to the large box on the metal pole. But what I really love is the hospitable bench placed nearby. Maybe this is an older resident who needs a sit after taking a walk out to the mail box. Or perhaps they know the postman who delivers the mail, and it’s there for his/her convenience. What do you think is the story here?

Mailbox for Chapel of the Cross. Someone took the time to hand-paint a likeness of the spectacular church that was built into the side of the red rock formations.

Kokopelli. The hump-backed, flute player is an ancient Southwestern deity who represents good luck, prosperity, and fertility.  Look closely at the shadow behind. . . is that him???

Leaving Tusayan, Route 64 is a beautifully rural, straight shot out of the Grand Canyon. The mailboxes are gathered at the ends of roads. I assume it’s this way because the landscape and homes are far and wide and this is easiest way for the USPS to deliver mail.

Two nights after the full moon, and it’s still plump and hanging low in the Grand Canyon morning sky.  This photo speaks to the country-girl in me: moon, blue skies, dirt road, and the conglomeration of mailboxes feels like home.

A larger community and lots of mailboxes. Some with mail flags raised. Does it contain a love letter? A bill with a payment?

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