Mii Amo Entrance

Mii Amo spa entrance is an enchantment all its own. It’s like walking straight into the red rocks with a spiritual and physical treatment awaiting you.

Lil and me after our treatments. She had a prickly pear body wrap that began with an exfoliating body polish and used concentrated orange blossom essential oil. I had a dosha balancing wrap: “Aromatic Ayurvedic oils from India are selected to balance your specific dosha and are massaged into the skin after a light brushing. Afterwards, you are wrapped in warm, herbal–infused sheets, relaxing deeper as you receive a head, neck and scalp massage that will melt the stress away.”

Mii Amo Spa

Contemplating this jacuzzi. It was magnificent. . . followed by a steamy sauna and a cool-down swim in the outdoor pool beneath the red rocks.

Mii Amo Spa was a decadent treat.  In addition to the services, there were so many healthy food and beverage options that accompanied the treatments perfectly: teas, smoothies, fresh fruit, and amazing salads were just some of their offerings.  Click the link below for a short video of what it’s like to walk up to this facility.  If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend you book a service and treat yourself.

Mii Amo vid


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