The drive between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas provides the opportunity to see some Americana: Route 66.  It was even better than I imagined.  Let’s go!

We jumped off I-40 West and onto Historic Route 66 in Seligman, AZ.

It’s a kitschy, touristy road, but so very driveable and full of nostalgic oases of motels, restaurants and gas-ups.

Indeed, there’s plenty of roadkill along Route 66. But when you see a Roadkill Cafe, it’s time to pull over and have some breakfast.

There’s nothing like a tall cup of joe and a hearty breakfast to get you ready for a road trip. . .

. . . except for a chance encounter with a mounted elk. Lil has a thing for big game, so here she is with her new friend.

Blue skies and directions at the Gas n’ Grub 66.

Blue skies And interesting tableaus with rock formations. And plenty of places to pull over just to take in the scenery.

We were channeling our Thelma & Louise when we came upon this little honky tonk. Cool tunes, cooler beers. This was soooo THELMA.

Rearview mirror: The scenery was spectacular ahead of me AND behind me.

My happy place: on the road. I feel so alive and so happy when I’m on the go. I think I’m like both my grandmothers like that. Check out those gorgeous clouds.

Next stop, Las Vegas. . .


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