I love rugs and am drawn to all types: large ones, small ones, and especially runners.  I love small prayer rugs, and I love placemats that look like rugs, and area rugs, too.  Thin kilims are some of my favorites.  I like them all.   I like the feel of my bare feet on them; I love that my babies were raised on rugs.  They learned to walk, put together puzzles, and played with pets on them.  I’m challenged when it comes to interior decorating, but it seems to me that a great rug can be the anchor for pulling a room together.  I. Love. Rugs.  I now have a collection of rug-photos.  IMG_2377This rug is in the main house of Lowndes Grove, a popular wedding venue in Charleston.

IMG_5952This runner is in my hallway.  GDC is an interior design company in the Charleston area.  They have my favorite selection of rugs.


This is another runner that I adored but ultimately did not purchase.  It’ super-light, and it looked great against the blond floors.  I just wasn’t certain it was fair to this rug to put it in such a high-traffic, kitchen area where it would be subject to many spills.  Most stores like GDC will allow you to take a rug home to see if it fits well.


This rug was one my husband grew up with, and now it has been entrusted to us.  It started off in my dining room, but now resides in my bedroom, where I love it even more.  See the medallions in the middle?  The story goes that those are the elephant foot prints that carried this rug through the desert sands. . . (my mother-in-law will need to finish this story. . .)


Another beautiful runner.  This one was in a bed and breakfast in Denver as was this one. . .



I tend to gravitate to traditional Turkish, Indian, and Pakistani rugs.  Works of art, all.  These are all hand-loomed and knotted.  Except for this one. . .

This is a cute runner from a VRBO rental in Asheville.  It’s a machine-made rug, but I found it fun and well-placed, considering it was a rainy weekend.IMG_5416

Another runner from same VRBO rental in Asheville.  Look beyond it to see an interesting rug under the dining table.


Moving stacks of rugs to get a peek at the surprises underneath.  Above and below, from GDC.


And if you’ve made it this far, here’s a piece of eye-candy for you;)  This “rug” is indelibly etched on my brain from when I was only about six years old!  My mother had a very progressive girlfriend who kept risqué books and magazines on her coffee table.  My mother would disappear in her house through beaded doorways, and I’d be left to sit by myself in the living room or greenhouse.  So sometimes, I got an eye-full 😉


The divine Burt Reynolds, circa 1972, in Cosmopolitan magazine.  Photo by Francesco Scavullo.


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