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I do road trips.  The more, the better.  And I have several “running partners” who are nearly as spontaneous as I am 😉  OK, Lil is as spontaneous as me and game for anything.  Here’s a glimpse into our Spring ’15 road trip to SAV.  Scenic drive from Charleston to  Savannah along Hwy 17 South.  Checking in to our well-appointed room at The Brice (a Kimpton Hotel) on E. Bay Street.


Lil may actually be more spontaneous than me, and that’s saying something.  Here we are posing for a goofy selfie while putting together a shopping game-plan.


Getting the lay of the land for the all-important cocktail hour. The Brice has a beautiful open courtyard.


Shopping along Broughton Street begins. Two finds right away: one-of-a-kind dresses designed by SCAD fashion student.


Feeling a little “Maleficent”. . . in a good way.  Isn’t this dress dreamy?


Serious enough about this dress to take a pic. Although it was love at first sight, I ended up not purchasing it. It was just a tad too small. I’m trying to keep my retail-karma in check: if it doesn’t fit now, don’t buy it. That has been a hard lesson learned.


But I did find this AWESOME lip product in the most amazing red. Bonus: I know this makeup artist. Jules rules in Savannah!


Back on to Broughton. Saw this sweet little number in a window and thought of my Livi-gurl back home. Sent her this pic, and to my surprise, I’d picked a winner. . . she liked it, too. Waa-wa (insert Debbie Downer theme). . . because the store didn’t have her size in stock 🙁    But, insert Golf-Claps because I finally chose something she would have worn!!!!


Back at The Brice. Cocktail hour has begun. Plus, part of the fun of a road trip is checking out the other travelers and finding the answers to some very important questions: Where are those people from? What have they seen around Savannah? Where shall we have dinner? What should we wear? Where can I get one of these driftwood stumps? Did I really need those Banana Republic pants that were 80% off?


We decided on dinner at Pacci, the Italian restaurant in The Brice, with an evening stroll around the historic district afterwards.  Drove home the next morning with a requisite Southern-girl stop at the Waffle House.  36 hours away can do a soul good!


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