Just beyond the city limits of Sedona is an architectural feat known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  In keeping with Sedona’s theme as a “spiritual vortex,” this is a church that’s built into the side of the red rocks formations.  This was conceived of by sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude, and built by a former student of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1956.

The 12 inch walls of this church were sandblasted to feature the aggregate red stone.

I really like seeing churches when I travel. It’s likely that I’ve said a prayer for You in one or more of them 😉 This is inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Photo taken from the grounds of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, overlooking desert and red rock formations.


We left the Chapel of the Holy Cross and drove to a scenic vista at the Sedona Airport, site of the “balanced vortex.” This guy was helping tourists get their shots. I wanted a pic of this dude snapping photos. Oh, and those clouds. . .

Next stop, Grand Canyon.

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