Is it travel, or is it a lifestyle?  I live here, but I never take this astounding natural beauty for granted.  Shem Creek is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve seen, and I get to call it home.  It’s my lifestyle, yet it’s a destination many people travel to.  Shem Creek is but one slice of the pie called Charleston.  Life on the creek, whether shrimping, fishing, boating, or any myriad other outdoor activities, is truly a way of life here.  It’s the early morning sound of tiny crabs scurrying out of your way if you’re in their pluff mud.  And that mud. . . it is the smell of home: Eau de Pluff.  There’s no other smell like it.  It’s how you know you’re here.

This past Sunday morning, I woke up at 5:20 am and my little voice told me to take my coffee to go, and walk down along the newly-completed Shem Creek pier.  It was worth getting up just for that 80 degree sunrise breeze.  And to watch the way the early morning light played against the creek, the shrimping boats, the restaurants.  Take a look . . .



Sunrise and still creek waters before restaurants get jam-packed.


More glorious sun rising.


Beautiful piers evidently have beautiful trash receptacles.


Early morning shrimpers casting their nets. Shrimp were running, too!


Downstairs at Vickery’s by early morning light.


This is a shot of the back of my neighborhood. The red roof is probably the largest house. Oh, the fantastic sunrises this home must see!


Looking across Shem Creek at Old Village homes.

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