What makes you feel good? I mean REALLY goooood?

Makeup makes me feel good every time I put it on. . . on myself, on someone else, every time I look at it in its packaging. You know I love my MAC. I love the simple lines of its sleek, uncluttered, minimalist plastic. But as far as packaging goes, I’d have to say that Benefit Cosmetics offers some pretty amazing stuff. Simple in it’s cardboard containers, but it’s the artwork that makes it so beautiful. I love my Georgia Peach blush. And I must admit, that I bought it purely, sheerly, only for the packaging. That peach looks so. . . edible.

Alas, I digress because what’s really on my mind is what I package myself in. . . my favorite package of all time. . . my jeans. I love denim. I could tell you how I love my Levi’s. . . they’re a classic. They fit me beautifully and you can’t beat the price.

But I’m in love with my True Religions. They fit me BEST. They sit and snug in all the right places. Just as important, they give in all the right places. They bend, and they conform to ME. I know my size and indeed, it’s True every time. I can actually justify the price tag because I wear them constantly. They are a winner. . . a knock-out. And I can spot a pair (real or knock-off) a mile away: the thick stitching. . . those pockets! That little Buddha on the label. The hardware. I love it all. There’s nothing I don’t like about them. They are LONG enough for me to wear with my highest heels. On the flares, I crave the way that seam twists from my inner knee to the outside of my ankle. If you wear them or have ever tried on a pair, you know what I mean. There are Bobbys and Joeys and Billys. My new fave is a dark wash, white-stitch, knee-length skirt.

And you know the drill: dress them up or dress them down. Either way, I feel good in my True Religions.

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