I’ve always prided myself on my ability to make a Good First Impression. I feel like it’s something that’s been vital in every area of my life, and I hope I can continue that here on my very first BLOG!!!!

When I think back on my most important relationships, the ones that have lasted the longest, whether personally or professionally, I think those first impressions really stuck. They laid the foundation for what we share today.

I’d like to begin by thanking some important people. First and foremost, my husband, Jim. Without his love and support, my business venture would not be possible. . .he is a humanitarian and the best person I know; my children who seem to get a kick out of me and all the things I have going on at once; my Mama for giving me a good work ethic combined with a sense of spontaneity; my “Gurlfriends” who always come through with a word of encouragement and praise; David for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things make-up and other-worldly; Makeup Art Cosmetics (MAC) for the training and belief that true beauty knows no boundaries; and my new bud and technical guru, Jon, for his unyielding patience and belief in the karmic realm 😉 I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my bro-in-law, Keith, for lighting the fire under me to “be everywhere” and get it done!

So, welcome. My aspirations for this are to impart some knowledge and (qualified) opinions on a variety of topics: makeup, beauty (inner and outer), fashion, new products, old-standbys, art, photographers, various service providers, and a host of other blog-worthy things.

With an open heart and best of intentions,

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