This is not a brag; it’s a truth:  I love my stuff.  I love all the palettes of color, the creamy concoctions, the silky powders, the wonderful-smelling spritzers and toners, the fluffy brushes.  I love my kit which is the unit that carries all my products.  Between my kit and what my eye and mind conjure up, there lies my business.

I marvel that I get to look into a clean face and see a myriad of opportunities.  The first question I ask myself is, “What can I do to make this person more beautiful?”  Each time I start off on that note, the results are almost always spectacular.  It’s leading with the heart, and I’ve found I cannot fail when I approach work that way.  Hmm. . . there’s a little yoga in there.  When approaching most any situation or event or task in life, and if approached with, “how can I leave this better than I found it?” well. . . how can anyone go wrong?

Probably what’s most un-yogic about this is my attachment to my stuff.  But it’s a necessary attachment that brings about a heart-felt result.

Thanks to beautiful Britney with your “go big or go home” attitude 🙂  You are a joy!  

A heart full of gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful Mike and Rachel at Tillman Branch Photography for their kind attention to my “stuff” and for capturing this process.

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