Not so long ago, I sat in a style symposium keyed by an up-and-coming player in the fashion world.  She said something that I will never forget: that I should have my own personal team of style professionals. . . people who understand my preferences and  can navigate me through my own style evolution; professionals who know trends and classics.  Today’s blog is a shout-out to an important piece of my team: my hair stylist.  Kate is the person I’ve entrusted to take me from a naturally chestnut-brown hair to a vivid blonde; from safe-bob to razored pixie.  She’s a student of chemistry, mixology, skin tones, and coloring.  She’s the person I send a quick text-pic to saying,  “can I pull off this. . .?” We occasionally work together with mutual bridal clients, but I simply adore my Me-time with her, in her chair.  She gets me.  This is Kate Howdyshell. . .

Beth+Greg-141-web Beth+Greg-145-web Beth+Greg-150-web

Photos courtesy of Alice Keeney Photography.

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